Lucas Mentch

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This work develops formal statistical inference procedures for predictions generated by supervised learning ensembles. Ensemble methods based on bootstrapping, such as bagging and random forests, have improved the predictive accuracy of individual trees, but fail to provide a framework in which distributional results can be easily determined. Instead of(More)
Segmentation remains an important problem in image processing. For homogeneous (piecewise smooth) images, a number of important models have been developed and refined over the past several decades. However, these models often fail when applied to the substantially larger class of natural images that simultaneously contain regions of both texture and(More)
Planning and evaluating projects often involves input from many stakeholders. Fusing and organizing many different ideas, opinions, and interpretations into a coherent and acceptable plan or project evaluation is challenging. This is especially true when seeking contributions from a large number of participants, especially when not all can participate in(More)
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