Lucas Lima Verardo

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Seventy-two pigs of three genetic groups (Brazilian indigenous breed Piau, Commercial line and Crossbred) of both sexes were slaughtered at four live weights (30, 60, 90 and 120 kg). Intramuscular fat (IMF) content in Longissimus dorsi muscle of each animal was extracted and correlated with candidate gene mRNA expression (ATN1, EEF1A2, FABP3, LDLR, MGP,(More)
Reproductive traits such as number of stillborn piglets (SB) and number of teats (NT) have been evaluated in many genome-wide association studies (GWAS). Most of these GWAS were performed under the assumption that these traits were normally distributed. However, both SB and NT are discrete (e.g. count) variables. Therefore, it is necessary to test for(More)
The genetic improvement of reproductive traits such as the number of teats is essential to the success of the pig industry. As opposite to most SNP association studies that consider continuous phenotypes under Gaussian assumptions, this trait is characterized as a discrete variable, which could potentially follow other distributions, such as the Poisson.(More)
In general, genetic differences across different breeds of pig lead to variation in mature body size and slaughter age. The Commercial breeds Duroc and Large White and the local Brazilian breed Piau are ostensibly distinct in terms of growth and muscularity, commercial breeds are much leaner while local breeds grow much slower and are fat type pigs.(More)
One of the most commonly used quality measurements of pork is pH measured 24 h after slaughter. The most probable mode of inheritance for this trait is oligogenic with several known major genes, such as PRKAG3. In this study, we used whole-genome SNP genotypes of over 700 AI boars; after a quality check, 42,385 SNPs remained for association analysis. All(More)
Fertility traits are economically important in cattle breeding programs. Scrotal circumference (SC) measures are repeatable, easily obtained, highly heritable, and positively correlated with female fertility traits and sperm quality traits in males. A useful approach to summarize SC measures over time is using nonlinear models, which summarize specific(More)
For reproductive traits such as total number born (TNB), variance due to different environments is highly relevant in animal breeding. In this study, we aimed to perform a gene-network analysis for TNB in pigs across different environments using genomic reaction norm models. Thus, based on relevant single-nucleotide polymorphisms and linkage disequilibrium(More)
This article discusses the physics programme of the TOTEM experiment at the LHC. A new special beam optics with β * = 90 m, enabling the measurements of the total cross-section, elastic pp scattering and diffractive phenomena already at early LHC runs, is explained. For this and the various other TOTEM running scenarios, the acceptances of the leading(More)
The Authors report the case of a patient who underwent resection of a huge anterior mediastinal mass, revealing to be a necrotic thymoma. The patient had been previously submitted to surgical biopsies of the mass yielding non-diagnostic results due to extensive necrosis. A sternotomy was then performed to resect the mediastinal mass originating from the(More)