Lucas Jódar

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In this paper we present a finite-time 3–5 years old childhood obesity model to study the evolution of obesity in the next years in the Spanish region of Valencia. After a statistical study, it can be seen that sociocultural characteristics determine the nutritional habits and the unhealthy ones such as high frequency of consumption of bakery, fried meals(More)
This paper deals with the construction of discrete numerical solutions of mixed problems for the telegraph equation. After discretization, the two-variables partial difference mixed problem is solved by means of a discrete eigenfunctions method that mimics the advantages of the continuous eigenfunction method while eliminating its computational(More)
ABSTRACT. In this paper, a Green’s matrix function for higher order two point boundary value differential matrix problems is constructed. By using the concept of rectangular co-solution of certain algebraic matrix equation associated to the problem, an existence condition as well as an explicit closed form expression for the solution of possibly not(More)
In this paper we construct and develop two competitive implicit finite difference scheme for a deterministic mathematical model associated with the evolution of influenza A disease in human population. Qualitative dynamics of the model is determined by the basic reproduction number, R0. Numerical schemes developed here are based on nonstandard finite(More)