Lucas Horn

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In the thymus, VIP-positive (+) fibers were found in the capsular/septal system, cortex, and medulla. In the spleen, VIP+ nerves coursed along large arteries and central arterioles, and in the white pulp, venous/trabecular system, and red pulp. Splenic VIP innervation was more robust in Long-Evans hooded rats than in Fischer 344 rats. VIP+ nerves in(More)
Most multicellular organisms show a physiological decline in immune function with age. However, little is known about the mechanisms underlying these changes. We examined Drosophila melanogaster, an important model for identifying genes affecting innate immunity and senescence, to explore the role of phagocytosis in age-related immune dysfunction. We(More)
The transport of L-glutamate (Glu) by single muscle fibers of Balanus nubilus was studied by means of internal dialysis in an effort to obtain transport data under well-defined intracellular conditions. It is shown that the method effectively controls the sarcoplasmic amino acid composition and Glu metabolism. It was found that the classic neutral amino(More)
It is shown that the axoplasmic composition of acidic and neutral amino acids can be controlled effectively by the method of internal dialysis. Direct assay for specific binding and measurement of diffusion coefficients in axoplasm show that there is no significant binding or compartmentalization of amino acids. The dependence of amino acid efflux on(More)
A new method is proposed for measuring the dynamic properties of a membrane transporter by means of steady-state fluxes. Any voltage-sensitive transporter will give a flow of substrate in the presence of a steady-state periodic membrane potential. The periodic steady-state flow, averaged over one period, is a flux that can be measured by traditional(More)
The dependence of L-glutamate influx on extracellular Na and L-glutamate concentrations was determined using internally dialyzed single muscle fibers of Balanus nubilus. Internal Na and glutamate concentrations were held at zero, and the cell membrane potential was constant. Flux activation curves for external glutamate were measured for five different(More)
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