Lucas Henrique Lobato de Araújo

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The use of information and communication technology (ICT) is on the increase in the health systems, representing a means of improving the quality of health care. This study analyzed the ICT incorporation in primary care in Brazil and identified the different aspects that may be associated with better quality in the care provided, in relation to certain(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide an overview of the distribution of institutional support in primary care in Brazil and to identify associations between the activities of institutional support and the outcome of the certification of the National Programme for Improving Access and Quality in Primary Health Care (PMAQ). MATERIALS AND METHODS A cross-sectional study was(More)
Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are means to handle information, streamline communication, and contribute to patient care. This article describes the incorporation of Information and Communication Technologies in primary care and its association with quality, based on the Brazilian National Program for the Improvement of Access and Quality(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the effects of a pedagogical intervention on the learning of children and teenagers participating in a clinical research. METHODS Quantitative, quasi-experimental and longitudinal study, part of a group of studies conducted to test a vaccine against ancylostomiasis. Convenience sample with 133 students aged 10-17 years, of both sexes,(More)
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