Lucas Francisco da Matta Vegi

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Patterns have been employed as a mechanism for reuse in several phases of software development. Analysis patterns consist of ar-tifacts for reuse during the requirements analysis and conceptual model-ing. However, they are generally, documented in a textual manner which is not precise to be treated by a computer, thus limiting the dissemination and a wider(More)
—Analysis patterns are reusable computational artifacts, aimed at the analysis stage of the process of software development. Although the analysis patterns can facilitate the work of analysts and programmers adding value through reuse of proven useful and tested ideas, the access to them is still very poor because of the way they are usually described and(More)
Design patterns describe reusable solutions to existing problems in object-oriented software development. Design patterns are mostly documented in written form in books and scientific papers, which hinders processing them via computer, their diffusion, and their broader reuse. They can also be found on the internet, though documented with little detail,(More)
The software development process often encounters obstacles to re-use analysis patterns. Many designers do not have access to these computational artifacts by the difficulty in finding them, since the ways in which analysis patterns are documented are often precarious. The lack of both a computational tool which supports the analysis patterns documentation(More)
— Software patterns are computing artifacts used to document knowledge that may be reused during software development process. There are several types of patterns, such as analysis, design, and architectural, among others. Design patterns are the most well known by designers, but many of them are described in books and scientific papers, a recurring way of(More)
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