Lucas Eastaugh

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AIMS Filoviruses are associated with high morbidity and lethality rates in humans, are capable of human-to-human transmission, via infected material such as blood, and are believed to have low infectious doses for humans. Filoviruses are able to infect via the respiratory route and are lethal at very low doses in experimental animal models, but there is(More)
Understanding the ability to survive in an aerosol leads to better understanding of the hazard posed by pathogenic organisms and can inform decisions related to the control and management of disease outbreaks. This basic survival information is sometimes lacking for high priority select agents such as the filoviruses which cause severe disease with high(More)
There is currently considerable concern about the vulnerability of human populations to biowarfare or bioterrorist attacks with variola virus (VARV). Traditional smallpox vaccines were manufactured using the lymph of ruminants infected with the vaccinia virus (VACV). However, these production methods do not meet current standards for vaccines, especially(More)
AIM Passive immunisation with palivizumab is recommended in many countries for children with haemodynamically significant cardiac disease. We trialled respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) immunoprophylaxis in such infants during 2008–2009. METHODS We identified all RSV admissions between 2005–2009 and examined all patients with significant cardiac disease(More)
International concern over the potential consequences of a Bioterrorist or Biowarfare associated release of variola virus have prompted renewed interest in the vaccines for smallpox. The traditional live, replicating vaccine strains are subject to novel safety concerns associated with historical production methods in domesticated ruminants and the(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze safety and efficiency of a subcutaneous figure of eight suture for hemostasis after large caliber venous sheath access in children. BACKGROUND Vascular complications remain a significant cause of morbidity after pediatric cardiac catheterization. In an attempt to reduce such complications and yet improve lab efficiency and decrease(More)
Deposition of Burkholderia pseudomallei within either the lungs or nasal passages of the Balb/c murine model resulted in different infection kinetics. The infection resulting from the inhalation of B. pseudomallei within a 12 μm particle aerosol was prolonged compared to a 1 μm particle aerosol with a mean time-to-death (MTD) of 174.7 ± 14.9 h and 73.8 ±(More)
In recent years concern has mounted regarding the possibility of a re-emergence of smallpox through biowarfare or bioterrorism. There is also concern over the incidence of human monkeypox in endemic areas and the potential for monkeypox to be accidentally transported to non-endemic areas. In the event of re-emergence of smallpox or emergence of monkeypox,(More)
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