Lucas Dawson

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T-bet and CD11c expression in B cells is linked with IgG2c isotype switching, virus-specific immune responses, and humoral autoimmunity. However, the activation requisites and regulatory cues governing T-bet and CD11c expression in B cells remain poorly defined. In this article, we reveal a relationship among TLR engagement, IL-4, IL-21, and IFN-γ that(More)
Intestinal infection with the intracellular parasite Toxoplasma gondii results in the translocation of commensal bacteria to peripheral organs and the development of a T cell response specific to the microbiota. In naïve mice, the recently described RORγt+ group 3 innate lymphoid cell (ILC) population plays a critical role in promoting intestinal barrier(More)
Epidemiological evidence suggests that chronic infections impair immune responses to unrelated pathogens and vaccines. The underlying mechanisms, however, are unclear and distinguishing effects on priming versus development of immunological memory has been challenging. We investigated whether bystander chronic infections impact differentiation of memory(More)
The local production of gamma interferon (IFN-γ) is important to control Toxoplasma gondii in the brain, but the basis for these protective effects is not fully understood. The studies presented here reveal that the ability of IFN-γ to inhibit parasite replication in astrocytes in vitro is dependent on signal transducer and activator of transcription 1(More)
Thymectomy effectively prevents the development of spontaneous lymphoma in the AKR but how this effect is achieved remains to be determined. One possible mechanism, namely suppression of genomic expression of the oncogenic murine leukaemia virus now seems unlikely since levels of the group specific MuLV antigen were in comparision with their sham operated(More)
THE AKR strain of mice, originally derived by Furth, (Furth, Seibold, and Rathbone, 1933), is well known for its high incidence of spontaneous lymphoma. However, the incidence is known to vary between different sublines. Acton and his colleagues (Acton et al., 1973) described two atypical sublines possessing QC3H and furthermore, in suggesting that both(More)
Due to a long history of intensive land and water use, habitat networks for biodiversity conservation are generally degraded in Sweden. Landscape restoration (LR) is an important strategy for achieving representative and functional green infrastructures. However, outcomes of LR efforts are poorly studied, particularly the dynamics of LR governance and(More)
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