Lucas Christianson

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We assessed the importance of Streptococcus pneumoniae and immunologic response to 14-valent pneumococcal vaccine in a randomized (saline placebo or vaccine) double-blind pilot study involving 103 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Antibody titers, the flora of the sputum, respiratory infections or pneumonias, and deaths were(More)
Pulmonary blood volume (PBV), flow, and pressures were measured in 15 cardiopulmonary normal subjects, while supine and at 60 degrees head-up passive tilt. PBV, cardiac index (CI), right ventricular diastolic volume (VDVR), and mean pulmonary arterial (Ppa), venous (Pv), and mean right atrial (Pra) pressures all decreased during the first 4 min of tilting,(More)
Pulmonary blood volume was determined by the radiocardiographic technique in 49 patients coming to cardiac catheterization. Since this method has not been directly compared with the more commonly used double injection of dye. 25 comparisons were carried out in 13 patients of the series. Agreement was good over a range of 4.5-21.1 heart cycles since there(More)
The procedure for recording the precordial movements was described in the previous publication.' Records were taken from KV1 through KV5, and KV3R. (KV3R is in the same location as KY3, except for being located on the anterior right side of the chest.) KV1, KV2, etc., are used to denote kinetocardiograms taken from areas similar to conventional(More)