Lucas Chavarria

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This paper investigates the potentials of traffic steering in the Radio Resource Control (RRC) Idle state by evaluating the Absolute Priorities (AP) framework in a multilayer Long Term Evolution (LTE) macrocell scenario. Frequency priorities are broadcast on the system information and RRC Idle users can be steered towards higher priority carriers whenever(More)
In this paper we address the channel modeling aspects for a deep-indoor scenario with extreme coverage conditions in terms of signal losses, namely underground garage areas. We provide an in-depth analysis with regard to the path loss (gain) and large-scale signal shadow fading, and propose a simple propagation model which can be used to predict cellular(More)
This study evaluates whether last versions of Long Term Evolution with dual connectivity are able to support the latency and reliability requirements for the upcoming vehicular use-cases and time-critical applications. Data interruption times during handovers and cell management operations are evaluated by means of system level simulations for a high-speed(More)
Many crowdsourcing Android applications are available for measuring network Key Performance Indicators such as received power, latency, and throughput. The data is useful for end-users, researchers, and Mobile Network Operators, but unfortunately the applications' accuracy are rarely verified. In this paper we verify the crowdsourcing Android application(More)
Mobility performance and handover data interruption times in real scenarios are studied by means of field measurements in an operational LTE network. Both slowand high-speed scenarios are analyzed by collecting results from two different areas: Aalborg downtown and the highway which encircles the same city. Measurements reveal that the terminal is(More)
The deployment of low-power small cells is envisaged as the main driver to accommodate the mobile broadband traffic growth in cellular networks. Depending on the spatial distribution of the user traffic, a densification of the small cells may be required in confined areas. However, deploying more and more cells in given areas may imply an increase of the(More)