Lucas C. Ferreira

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This paper describes two architectures for building Pay-per-Run software systems. These are systems that allow the user to pay for each execution of an application, instead of buying a more expensive user license. This is a new model for software distribution, in which developers charge small fees for each execution in order to increase their user market.(More)
Vertical jump performance is often assessed using jump-and-reach tests. The exact procedure used for determining standing reach height and jump height has a large effect on the resultant displacement. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the influence of 4 methods of standing reach height measurement and Vertec jump height measurement against(More)
Parasitic authentication [Ebringer et al., 2000] is a novel approach for user authentication in electronic wallet systems which combines security and usability. We propose an extension to parasitic authentication that integrates it to payment protocols thus increasing the security of electronic wallets. The additional security comes at the expense of(More)
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