Lucas Bordeaux

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We argue that essential facets of Web services, and especially those useful to understand their interaction, can be described using process-algebraic notations. Web service description and execution languages such as BPEL are essentially process description languages; they are based on primitives for behaviour description and message exchange which can also(More)
The paper defines an automatic procedure for constructing a visually appealing collage from a collection of input images. The aim is that the resulting collage should be representative of the collection, summarising its main themes. It is also assembled largely seamlessly, using graph-cut, Poisson blending of alpha-masks, to hide the joins between input(More)
Propositional Satisfiability (SAT) and Constraint Programming (CP) have developed as two relatively independent threads of research cross-fertilizing occasionally. These two approaches to problem solving have a lot in common as evidenced by similar ideas underlying the branch and prune algorithms that are most successful at solving both kinds of problems.(More)
Fully articulated hand tracking promises to enable fundamentally new interactions with virtual and augmented worlds, but the limited accuracy and efficiency of current systems has prevented widespread adoption. Today's dominant paradigm uses machine learning for initialization and recovery followed by iterative model-fitting optimization to achieve a(More)
When we encode constraints as Boolean formulas, a natural question is whether the encoding ensures a ”propagation completeness” property: is the basic unit propagation mechanism able to deduce all the literals that are logically valid? We consider the problem of automatically finding encodings with this property. Our goal is to compile a naı̈ve definition(More)
Quantified constraints and Quantified Boolean Formulae are typically much more difficult to reason with than classical constraints, because quantifier alternation makes the simple, classical notion of solution inappropriate. As a consequence, even such essential CSP properties as consistency or substitutability are not completely understood in the(More)
We present a CNF to Tree-of-BDDs (ToB) compiler with complexity at most exponential in the tree width. We then present algorithms for interesting queries on ToB. Although some of the presented query algorithms are in the worst case exponential in the tree width, our experiments show that ToB can answer non-trivial queries like clausal entailment in(More)