Lucas Alves de Freitas

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This paper reports the overall effects of three lectins, extracted from Canavalia brasiliensis, Dioclea violacea, and D. grandiflora, on BALB/c mice popliteal draining lymph nodes. These lectins have presented high stimulatory capacity on lymph node T cells. Additionally, they were able to induce apoptosis and inflammation (frequently associated with high(More)
Highly susceptible BALB/c mice became partially resistant to Leishmania mexicana amazonensis infection after intravenous immunization with solubilized homologous promastigote antigen. Immunized BALB/c mice exhibited mixed mononuclear cell reactions, with granulomatous inflammation, collagen deposition, and fibrinoid necrosis at the site of infection. In(More)
TsTX-I, isolated from Tityus serrulatus scorpion venom, causes epileptic-like discharges when injected into the central nervous system. The involvement of excitatory amino acids and cytokines in this activity was investigated. Our results have demonstrated that TsTX-I increases the release of IFN-γ but does not alter the intracerebral concentration of the(More)
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