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A new generation of an Earth system model now includes a number of land-surface processes directly relevant to analyzing potential impacts of climate change. This model, HadGEM2-ES, allows us to assess the impacts of climate change, multiple interactions, and feedbacks as the model is run. This paper discusses the results of century-scale HadGEM2-ES(More)
Mammalian spermatozoa must undergo a post-ejaculatory period of maturation, known as capacitation, before they can engage in the process of fertilization. Studies in the mouse have established that capacitation facilitates sperm-zona recognition via mechanisms that involve the appearance of tyrosine phosphorylated chaperone proteins on the sperm surface(More)
Density functional theory (DFT) is commonly used to treat the adsorption of molecules in carbon and silica pores of various geometries. In this work, we develop a DFT with an accurate molecular-based equation of state to calculate thermodynamic properties using fundamental measure theory (FMT), which is a rigorous approach for the treatment of homogeneous(More)
We report the novel synthesis of nanoporous TiO2 nanoparticle ensembles with unique mesoscale morphologies. Constituent nanoparticles evolved into multifaceted assemblies, exhibiting excellent crystallinity and enhanced photocatalytic activity compared with commercial TiO2. Such materials could be exploited for applications, like organic pollutant(More)
The SAFT−FMT−DFT approach to adsorp-tion equilibrium combines elements of the statistical associating fluid theory (SAFT), fundamental measure theory (FMT), and classical density functional theory (DFT) to create a framework to model fluids described as chain molecules in the presence of external fields. In this paper, the SAFT−FMT−DFT approach is used to(More)
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