Lucas A. Mitchell

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Chevron osteotomy of the distal metatarsal combined with Akin osteotomy of the proximal phalanx is described for treatment of painful hallux valgus. Sixteen patients (24 feet) who underwent the Chevron-Akin osteotomy were retrospectively reviewed by questionnaire, physical examination, and comparison of preoperative and postoperative standing X-rays. After(More)
With the prevalence of air quality issues in our society, the ability to remove toxic gases from air is a necessity. This work addresses the development of biphasic, nanostructured, organoalkoxysilane-grafted, siliceous materials for use in single pass filters of various types for the removal of acidic and basic gases from humid air. Materials exhibit high(More)
Density functional theory (DFT) is commonly used to treat the adsorption of molecules in carbon and silica pores of various geometries. In this work, we develop a DFT with an accurate molecular-based equation of state to calculate thermodynamic properties using fundamental measure theory (FMT), which is a rigorous approach for the treatment of homogeneous(More)
The SAFT−FMT−DFT approach to adsorption equilibrium combines elements of the statistical associating fluid theory (SAFT), fundamental measure theory (FMT), and classical density functional theory (DFT) to create a framework to model fluids described as chain molecules in the presence of external fields. In this paper, the SAFT−FMT−DFT approach is used to(More)
OBJECTIVE To report the cases of two children who died from diffuse cerebral edema after cardiorespiratory arrest and who had radiologic findings of subarachnoid hemorrhage on computed tomography, the presence of which was excluded on subsequent postmortem examination. DATA SOURCES Case notes, clinical records, and postmortem reports of two children who(More)
We report the novel synthesis of nanoporous TiO2 nanoparticle ensembles with unique mesoscale morphologies. Constituent nanoparticles evolved into multifaceted assemblies, exhibiting excellent crystallinity and enhanced photocatalytic activity compared with commercial TiO2. Such materials could be exploited for applications, like organic pollutant(More)
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