Luca Zuliani

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INTRODUCTION Neuromyelitis optica is an inflammatory demyelination disease that selectively affects optic nerves and spinal cord. Recently it has been described that the NMO-IgG antibodies, are highly specific for the diagnosis, although they are also present in partial forms of the disease. The antigen responsible for this immune response seems to be(More)
Microalgae are fast-growing photosynthetic organisms which have the potential to be exploited as an alternative source of liquid fuels to meet growing global energy demand. The cultivation of microalgae, however, still needs to be improved in order to reduce the cost of the biomass produced. Among the major costs encountered for algal cultivation are the(More)
The investigation of both link and network level aspects is fundamental when a thorough analysis of mobile radio systems is required. The conventional approach, based on a complete separation between the two levels, adopted in the past for the performance evaluation of second generation systems, is not enough accurate for third generation ones,(More)
An F-TDMA (Frequency and Time Division Multiple Access) based mobile radio system using both Dynamic Channel Allocation (DCA) and Frequency Hopping (FH) is investigated in this work. This paper follows [1] and [2], where the same Authors proposed a new Interference Adaptive DCA algorithm that is suitably designed for a network implementing FH. The role(More)
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