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In the last few years, the necessity of having documents in electronic format has been growing over and over. This phenomenon affects also healthcare organizations that have adopted a new model for managing clinical information based on so called Electronic Patient Records. On the one hand, the introduction of such models allows to easily share information(More)
The number of factories, service providers, retailers, and final users that create networks and establish collaborations for increasing their productivity and competitiveness is constantly growing, especially by effect of the globalization and outsourcing of industrial activities. This trend introduces new complexities in the value supply chain, not last(More)
Collaborating entities usually require the exchange of personal information for the achievement of a common goal, including enabling business transactions and the provisioning of critical services. A key issue affecting these interactions is the lack of control on how data is going to be used and processed by the entities that share it. To partially solve(More)
Lazy controllers are a class of execution monitors that do not continuously observe the behaviour of their target. Monitors are activated and deactivated according to a scheduling strategy. When a lazy controller is activated, it checks the current security state and, in case of a violation, terminates the execution. Instead, if the current execution trace(More)
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