Luca Vassena

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This paper discusses the issue of evaluation of context-aware retrieval applications. We begin by describing MoBe, a specific architecture that allows automatic download and execution of context-aware applications on mobile devices. In MoBe, the most relevant applications are selected by matching context and application descriptors. Since several(More)
Due to the appearance and widespread diffusion of new mobile devices (PDAs, smartphones etc.), the traditional notion of computing is quickly fading away, giving birth to new paradigms and to new non-trivial problems. Hence, the scientific community is searching for models, technologies, and ar-chitectures in order to suitably describe and guide the(More)
Web 2.0, also known as the Social Web, marks a new philosophy where users are both the main actors and the content producers: users write blogs and comments, they tag, link, and upload photos, pictures , videos, and podcasts. As a step further, Mobile 2.0 adapts Web 2.0 technology to mobile users. We intend to study how Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 together can(More)
In this paper we present a general purpose solution to Web content perusal by means of mobile devices, named Social Context-Aware Browser. This is a novel approach for the information access based on the users' context, whose aim is to retrieve what the user needs, even if she did not issue any query. Our solution is built upon a social model that exploits(More)
We propose the Context-Aware Browser, a new approach to context-aware Web content perusal by means of mobile devices. The Context-Aware Browser exploits artificial intelligence techniques and mixes several ingredients: it is a Web browser running on one's own mobile device and capable of automatically and proactively downloading and executing context-aware(More)
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