Luca Tubiana

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Recent studies have shown that single-stranded (ss) viral RNAs fold into more compact structures than random RNA sequences with similar chemical composition and identical length. Based on this comparison, it has been suggested that wild-type viral RNA may have evolved to be atypically compact so as to aid its encapsidation and assist the viral assembly(More)
Recent experiments showed that the linear double-stranded DNA in bacteriophage capsids is both highly knotted and neatly structured. What is the physical basis of this organization? Here we show evidence from stochastic simulation techniques that suggests that a key element is the tendency of contacting DNA strands to order, as in cholesteric liquid(More)
  • Luca Tubiana
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and…
  • 2014
Using Monte Carlo simulations and advanced knot localization methods, we analyze the length and distribution of prime components in composite knots tied on freely jointed rings. For increasing contour length, we observe the progressive factorization of composite knots into separated prime components. However, we observe that a complete factorization,(More)
The interplay of geometrical and topological entanglement in semiflexible knotted polymer rings confined inside a spherical cavity is investigated by using advanced numerical methods. By using stringent and robust algorithms for locating knots, we characterize how the knot length l(k) depends on the ring contour length L(c) and the radius of the confining(More)
The dynamical properties of entangled polyelectrolytes are investigated theoretically and computationally for a proposed novel micromanipulation setup. Specifically, we investigate the effects of DC and AC electric fields acting longitudinally on knotted DNA chains, modelled as semiflexible chains of charged beads, under mechanical tension. We consider(More)
Knots appear frequently in semiflexible (bio)polymers, including double-stranded DNA, and their presence can affect the polymer’s physical and functional properties. In particular, it is possible and indeed often the case that multiple knots appear on a single chain, with effects which have only come under scrutiny in the last few years. In this manuscript,(More)
Topological entanglement is a ubiquitous feature of many biological as well as artificial polymers and fibers. While the equilibrium properties of entangled chains have been the subject of several studies, little is known about their out-of-equilibrium behavior. Here, we address the problem of a stretched knotted fiber driven by a periodic force applied to(More)
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