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Recent studies have shown that single-stranded (ss) viral RNAs fold into more compact structures than random RNA sequences with similar chemical composition and identical length. Based on this comparison, it has been suggested that wild-type viral RNA may have evolved to be atypically compact so as to aid its encapsidation and assist the viral assembly(More)
A minimum-time torque control strategy for permanent-magnet ac motor drives is presented. The proposed solution is obtained by an ad-hoc procedure based on the computation of reachability and controllability sets which in turn requires solving iteratively a fourth-degree polynomial equation. For its efficient implementation an algorithm based on Sturm(More)
Proteins are an example of heteropolymers able to self-assemble in specific target structures. The self-assembly of designed artificial heteropolymers is still, to the best of our knowledge, not possible with control over the single chain self-assembling properties comparable to what natural proteins can achieve. What artificial heteropolymers lacks(More)
Knots appear frequently in semiflexible (bio)polymers, including double-stranded DNA, and their presence can affect the polymer's physical and functional properties. In particular, it is possible and indeed often the case that multiple knots appear on a single chain, with effects which have only come under scrutiny in the last few years. In this manuscript,(More)
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