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BACKGROUND To evaluate associations between exposure to disinfection byproducts in drinking water and adverse birth outcomes, personal exposure to disinfection byproducts must take into consideration multiple routes of exposure. METHODS We assessed the reproducibility and validity of a questionnaire measuring water consumption, showering and bathing(More)
The orbits and physical parameters of three detached, double-lined A-F eclipsing binaries have been derived combining H P , V T , B T photometry from the Hip-parcos/Tycho mission with 8500-8750Å ground-based spectroscopy, mimicking the photometric+spectroscopic observations that should be obtained by GAIA, the approved Cornerstone 6 mission by ESA. This(More)
The orbit and physical parameters of the previously unsolved double-lined eclipsing binary V570 Per, discovered by the Hipparcos satellite, are derived using high resolution Echelle spectroscopy and B, V photo-electric photometry. The metallicity from χ 2 analysis of the spectra is [M/H]=+0.02±0.03, and reddening from interstellar NaI and KI absorption(More)
Super-luminous supernovae that radiate more than 10(44) ergs per second at their peak luminosity have recently been discovered in faint galaxies at redshifts of 0.1-4. Some evolve slowly, resembling models of 'pair-instability' supernovae. Such models involve stars with original masses 140-260 times that of the Sun that now have carbon-oxygen cores of(More)
In this Letter, we have identified an important error affecting Fig. 4 and Extended Data Fig. 6, as well as the values of some parameters derived from our model fits. We stress that this error in no way affects the discussion or the conclusions. In building the bolometric light curve of the superluminous supernova PTF 12dam, our code assumed that photometry(More)
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