Luca Tasquier

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Cloud computing represents an opportunity for IT users to reduce costs and increase efficiency providing an alternative way of using IT services. In this scenario value added services for dynamic and elastic provisioning play an important role, by giving the possibility to get the best resources configuration that satisfies the application requirements.(More)
When service providers move to IAAS Clouds, whether their service is delivered by a legacy application, either it has been developed by a deployable open platform, the provisioning and the management workflow of the computing infrastructure really changes. Here we describe a set of tools which can be used to orchestrate agents’ based services, which provide(More)
Cloud Computing represents both a technology for using computing infrastructures in a more efficient way, and a business model for selling computing resources and services. On the other hand, such complex and distributed architectures become an attractive target for intruders. Cyber-attacks represent a serious danger, which can compromise the quality of(More)
Monitoring of resources is one among the major challenges that the virtualization brings with it within the Cloud environment since the user applications are often distributed on several nodes whose location is unknown a priori and can dynamically change. Consumers need to monitor their resources for checking that service levels are continuously compliant(More)
In the Cloud context, the monitoring of service levels becomes critical because of the conflicts of interest that might occur between provider and customer in case of outage. Here we focus on Cloud monitoring at infrastructure level (IaaS), but with the perspective of a Cloud customer. Cloud customers cannot check the compliance of the Service Level(More)
Agent technology provides asynchronousmechanisms that could represent the best choice for effective programming ofCloud, due to the unpredictable behaviour of the network.CloudAgency is a collection of agent based services for provisioning, monitoring and autonomic reconfiguration of Cloud resources at infrastructure level, which go beyond the common offer(More)