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Progress as Approximation to the Truth: A Defence of the Verisimilitudinarian Approach
In this paper we provide a compact presentation of the verisimilitudinarian approach to scientific progress (VS, for short) and defend it against the sustained attack recently mounted by AlexanderExpand
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Pliability and resistance: Feyerabendian insights into sophisticated realism
In this paper we focus on two claims, put forward by Feyerabend in his later writings (especially in Conquest of Abundance, 1999a), which constitute the metaphysical core of his view of scientificExpand
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Counterfactual Histories of Science and the Contingency Thesis
Within the debate on the inevitability versus contingency of science for which Hacking’s writings (The social construction of what? Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1999; Philos Sci 67:S58–S71;Expand
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So close no matter how far: counterfactuals in history of science and the inevitability/contingency controversy
  • Luca Tambolo
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • Synthese
  • 19 April 2018
This paper has a twofold purpose. First, it aims at highlighting one difference (albeit in degree and not in kind) in how counterfactuals work in general history, on the one hand, and in history ofExpand
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That Frightening Frankenmetaphor
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The Problem of Rule-Choice Redux
In this paper, we tackle the contribution that history of science can make to the problem of rule-choice, i.e., the choice from among competing methodological rules. Taking our cue from LarryExpand
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A tale of three theories: Feyerabend and Popper on progress and the aim of science.
  • Luca Tambolo
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 1 June 2015
In this paper, three theories of progress and the aim of science are discussed: (i) the theory of progress as increasing explanatory power, advocated by Popper in The logic of scientific discoveryExpand
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A Millian Look at the Logic of Clinical Trials
The use of a certain drug or treatment in the cure of a disease or condition should be based on appropriate tests of the hypothesis that said drug or treatment is efficacious in the cure of theExpand
Scientific Progress , Verisimilitude , and Evidence
The verisimilitudinarian approach to scientific progress (VS) is the view that progress can be accounted for in terms of the increasing verisimilitude or, equivalently, truthlikeness, orExpand