Luca Talarico

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Microalbuminuria (urinary albumin excretion between 20 and 200 micrograms/min) and endothelial dysfunction coexist in patients with essential hypertension. To evaluate whether the two phenomena are related and the determinants of that association, we recruited 10 untreated males with essential hypertension and microalbuminuria without diabetes to be(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrasonic integrated backscatter of myocardial walls is directly related to the morphometrically evaluated collagen content. The integrated backscatter is also increased in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, probably because of fiber disarray. The purpose of this study was to investigate myocardial tissue reflectivity in subjects with physiological(More)
In response to hypertension, arterioles remodel their structure, the heart develops myocardial hypertrophy, and the kidney reduces creatinine clearance and increases albuminuria. To better understand the interrelations among the target organs involved in hypertension, we evaluated minimal forearm vascular resistances--a hemodynamic index of arteriolar(More)