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The high-affinity siderophore salicylate is an intermediate in the biosynthetic pathway of pyochelin, another siderophore and chelator of transition metal ions, in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The 2.5-kb region upstream of the salicylate biosynthetic genes pchBA was sequenced and found to contain two additional, contiguous genes, pchD and pchC, having the same(More)
Pseudomonas aeruginosa synthesizes two siderophores, pyochelin and pyoverdin, characterized by widely different structures, physicochemical properties, and affinities for Fe(III). Titration experiments showed that pyochelin, which is endowed with a relatively low affinity for Fe(III), binds other transition metals, such as Cu(II), Co(II), Mo(VI), and(More)
A distance-driven method to compute the surface and curve skeletons of 3D objects in voxel images is described. The method is based on the use of the <;3,4,5>; weighted distance transform, on the detection of anchor points, and on the application of topology preserving removal operations. The obtained surface and curve skeletons are centered within(More)
A total of 121 uropathogenic Pseudomonas aeruginosa strains were examined for production of several virulence-related factors. These strains were distributed in five predominant O-serotypes, i.e. O 4, O 12, O 11, O 6 and O 5, which accounted respectively for 23.9, 23.1, 12.3, 8.2 and 5.7% of isolates. Pyochelin and pyoverdin siderophores were produced by(More)
We have isolated and characterized by chemical and enzymatic analyses three distinct types of pyoverdin-defective (pvd) mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1. The pvd-1 mutant is an L-N5-hydroxyornithine (L-N5-OH-Orn) auxotroph unable to hydroxylate L-ornithine (L-Orn) in a cell-free system and requiring L-N5-OH-Orn for pyoverdin production. The other two(More)
The siderophore pyochelin of Pseudomonas aeruginosa is derived from one molecule of salicylate and two molecules of cysteine. Two cotranscribed genes, pchEF, encoding peptide synthetases have been identified and characterized. pchE was required for the conversion of salicylate to dihydroaeruginoate (Dha), the condensation product of salicylate and one(More)
The biosynthetic genes pchDCBA and pchEF, which are known to be required for the formation of the siderophore pyochelin and its precursors salicylate and dihydroaeruginoate (Dha), are clustered with the pchR regulatory gene on the chromosome of Pseudomonas aeruginosa. The 4.6-kb region located downstream of the pchEF genes was found to contain three(More)