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[1] Highly organized vegetation patterns can be found in a number of landscapes around the world. In recent years, several authors have investigated the processes underlying vegetation pattern formation. Patterns that are induced neither by heterogeneity in soil properties nor by the local topography are generally explained as the result of spatial(More)
The global trade of goods is associated with a virtual transfer of the water required for their production. The way changes in trade affect the virtual redistribution of freshwater resources has been recently documented through the analysis of the virtual water network. It is, however, unclear how these changes are contributed by different types of products(More)
Atrial fibrillation (AF) is the most common arrhythmia affecting millions of people in the Western countries and, due to the widespread impact on the population and its medical relevance, is largely investigated in both clinical and bioengineering sciences. However, some important feedback mechanisms are still not clearly established. The present study aims(More)
We consider mean first passage times in systems driven by white shot noise with exponentially distributed jump heights. Simple interpretable results are obtained and the linkage between those results and the steady-state probability density function of the process is presented. The virtual waiting-time or Takács process (constant losses) and the shot noise(More)
By importing food and agricultural goods, countries cope with the heterogeneous global water distribution and often rely on water resources available abroad. The virtual displacement of the water used to produce such goods (known as virtual water) connects together, in a global water system, all countries participating to the international trade network.(More)
Fires play an important role in determining the composition and structure of vegetation in semiarid ecosystems. The study of the interactions between fire and vegetation requires a stochastic approach because of the random and unpredictable nature of fire occurrences. To this end, this article develops a minimalist probabilistic framework to investigate the(More)
Migration is a powerful adaptive strategy for humans to navigate hardship and pursue a better quality of life. As a universal vehicle facilitating exchanges of ideas, culture, money and goods, international migration is a major contributor to globalization. Consisting of countries linked by multiple connections of human movements, global migration(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the routine prescription of rate control therapy for atrial fibrillation (AF), clinical evidence demonstrating a heart rate target is lacking. Aim of the present study was to run a mathematical model simulating AF episodes with a different heart rate (HR) to predict hemodynamic parameters for each situation. METHODS The lumped model,(More)
[1] Two characteristics that distinguish canopy sublayer (CSL) turbulence from its atmospheric surface layer (ASL) counterpart are short-circuiting of the energy cascade and formation of Kelvin-Helmholtz (KH) vortices near the canopy top. These two phenomena lead to nonlinear and poorly understood interactions between small and large scale eddies within the(More)