Luca Pietranera

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Flood recurrence frequency is increasing in recent times due to various causes, including climate and land use change. Monitoring of flood events evolution through satellite data is a task of maximal importance to timely provide information about actually flooded areas, escape pathways, or infrastructure damages. Moreover, accurate knowledge of extents and(More)
In the present paper, COSMO-SkyMed high-resolution data acquired on the southern Basilicata region (Italy) are used for flood hazard monitoring. We concentrate on the flood event of Nov. 2-4, 2010, for which multi-temporal SAR data were available over the Bradano River downstream area in the same acquisition geometry, which allows interferometric(More)
Ice crystal clouds in the upper troposphere can generate polarisation signals at the μK level. This signal can seriously affect very sensitive ground based searches for Eand B-mode of Cosmic Microwave Background polarisation. In this paper we estimate this effect within the ClOVER experiment observing bands (97, 150 and 220 GHz) for the selected observing(More)
Since the launch of the first COSMO-SkyMed satellite back in 2007, e-GEOS has always been in first line in the analysis of VHR SAR data and development of new applications. In this paper we will present some of the latest activities in the Earth Observation domain, with special focus on the use of COSMO-SkyMed data for real operational services, for(More)
The surface transport of 'SAR detectable' features on sea is accurately estimated by couples of overlapping COSMO-SkyMed WideRegion ScanSAR images acquired with a very short time lag (below the hour). Tests performed with the two satellites constellation (4 operative by 2010) provided pairs of overlapping images with a time shift of 48 minutes and with a(More)
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