Luca Patriarca

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We develop an analytical expression for twin nucleation stress in bcc metal and alloys considering generalized planar fault energy and the dislocations bounding the twin nucleus. We minimize the total energy to predict the twinning stress relying only on parameters that are obtained through atomistic calculations, thus excluding the need for any empirical(More)
The presence of nano-sized coherent precipitates is well known to have crucial impact on the mechanical behaviors of a broad class of superelastic alloys. As a representative material, the pseudoelasticity of austenitic NiTi alloy in presence of a lenticular coherent Ni4Ti3 precipitate is investigated using atomic scale simulations. We predict the local(More)
The Fe3Ga base alloy is known to exhibit pseudoelasticity and the solute hardened Fe3GaB holds considerable promise as well. The present work aims at developing a theoretical model to establish the critical twinning stress in Fe3Ga with varying boron concentration. The theoretical model is based on the atomisticemicromechanical approach where we utilize(More)
In this work we examine a Ti-48Al-2Cr-2Nb alloy obtained with an additive manufacturing technique by Electron Beam Melting (EBM) by conducting monotonic and cyclic loading experiments both on tension and compression samples for investigating the influence of the microstructure in strain accumulation process by fatigue loading. The residual strain maps(More)
The transformation behavior of NiTiHf alloys is intriguing. In NiTiHf alloys, the experimental transformation strains have been reported to be considerably lower than theoretical transformation strains. In this study, the transformation strain is established with very careful strain measurements at small scales in isobaric and isothermal experiments.(More)
Grain boundaries induce heterogeneities in the deformation response of polycrystals. Studying these local variations in response, measured through high resolution strain measurement techniques, is important and can improve our understanding of fatigue damage initiation in the vicinity of grain boundaries and material hardening. In this work, strain fields(More)
Article history: Received 11 December 2015 Received in revised form 9 January 2016 Accepted 9 January 2016 Available online 25 January 2016 In thisworkwe present the high temperature functional behavior of the newNi50.3Ti25Hf24.7 shapememory alloy (SMA). Very high transformation strainsweremeasured during isobaric experiments at temperatures up to Af= 420(More)