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BACKGROUND The intragastric balloon has been reported to be a safe and effective tool for temporary weight loss. The aim of this study is the evaluation of the possible predictive role of intragastric balloon when used before laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding. METHODS A longitudinal multicenter study was conducted in patients with body mass index(More)
—Mission critical distributed systems are typically constructed out of many different software components strictly interacting with each other. Due to the inherent complexity of those systems and to the asynchrony of the interactions, they can exhibit anomalies that can lead to failures and, in some cases, to an abrupt block of the system, even though the(More)
—The deployment of business critical applications and information infrastructures are moving to the cloud. This means they are hosted in large scale data centers with other business applications and infrastructures with less (or none) mission critical constraints. This mixed and complex environment makes very challenging the process of monitoring critical(More)
Smart home applications are currently implemented by vendor-specific systems managing mainly a few number of homogeneous sensors and actuators. However, the sharp increase of the number of intelligent devices in a house and the foreseen explosion of the smart home application market will change completely this vendor centric scenario towards open,(More)
In this paper we propose a monitoring system of a data center that is able to infer when the data center is getting into an anomalous behavior by analyzing the power consumption at each server and the data center network traffic. The monitoring system is non-intrusive in the sense that there is no need to install software on the data center servers. The(More)
Many organizations today still manage mid or large in-house data centers that require very expensive maintenance efforts, including fault detection. Common monitoring frameworks used to quickly detect faults are complex to deploy/maintain, expensive, and intrusive as they require the installation of probes on monitored hw/sw to collect raw data. Such(More)
The explosion of social networks is pervading every form of business. When used inside corporate networks, they can create potential vulnerabilities as employees at the lower levels in the organization chart may become influential thanks to social connections. This unexpected influence could be dangerous if the employee behaves maliciously reducing thus the(More)