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During a music performance, the musician adds expressiveness to the musical message by changing timing, dynamics, and timbre of the musical events to communicate an expressive intention. Traditionally, the analysis of music expression is based on measurements of the deviations of the acoustic parameters with respect to the written score. In this paper, we(More)
In this paper we will investigate how non–visual senses can be used in toys to enhance and enrich the play experience of all children, while favoring accessibility and inclusion of visually-impaired children. Previous research has shown that – especially for young children developing sensory-motor skills – exploration and play are two tightly linked(More)
In this paper, we describe the Living Lab PPPP (Public/Private/People Partnership) pursued by 'Trentino as a Lab' (TasLab), an initiative promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy, whereby the creation of new ICT services, products and social infrastructures is enhanced by user-driven, open innovation principles and practices. Since 2007, TasLab(More)
This paper reports on a study on the perception and rendering of distance in multimodal virtual environments. A model for binaural sound synthesis is discussed, and its integration in a real-time system with motion tracking and visual rendering is presented. Results from a validation experiment show that the model effectively simulates relevant auditory(More)
In case of emergency, the coordination of different services deals with different working methods, different languages, different instruments , different sensors and different data representations. Thus, the coordination of services includes heterogeneity problems that can be managed with the help of ontology matching techniques. In this paper we present a(More)
Understanding the content in musical gestures is an ambitious issue in scientific environment. Several studies demonstrated how different expressive intentions can be conveyed by a musical performance and correctly recognized by the listeners: several models for the synthesis can also be found in the literature. In this paper we draw an overview of the(More)
Unilateral lower extremity edema and an increased risk of thromboembolism have been associated with hemiplegia following stroke. This study was undertaken to determine the effect of knee-high, graded elastic stockings on venous hemodynamics in hemiplegic patients. Thirty-six patients with recent cerebral infarcts were studied. The presence of underlying(More)