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Aiming to reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining networking infrastructures, organizations are increasingly outsourcing their network functions (e.g., firewalls, traffic shapers and intrusion detection systems) to the cloud, and a number of industrial players have started to offer network function virtualization (NFV)-based solutions. Alas,(More)
This paper presents SplitBox, an efficient system for privacy-preserving processing of network functions that are outsourced as software processes to the cloud. Specifically, cloud providers processing the network functions do not learn the network policies instructing how the functions are to be processed. First, we propose an abstract model of a generic(More)
This chapter describes the characteristics and preliminary evaluation of The Virtual Environment for Body Image Modification (VEBIM), a set of tasks aimed at treating body image disturbances and body dissatisfaction associated with eating disorders. Two methods are commonly used to treat body image: (1) a cognitive/behavioural therapy to influence patients'(More)
—Large-scale collection of contextual information is often essential in order to gather statistics, train machine learning models, and extract knowledge from data. The ability to do so in a privacy-preserving way – i.e., without collecting fine-grained user data – enables a number of additional computational scenarios that would be hard, or outright(More)
Collaborative approaches to network defense are increasingly used to predict and speed up detection of attacks. In this paper, we focus on highly predictive black-listing, i.e., forecasting attack sources based on alerts contributed by multiple organizations. While collaboration allows to discover groups of correlated attacks targeting similar victims, it(More)
The optimal management of local recurrences after primary resection of pancreatic cancer still remains to be clarified. A 58-year-old woman developed an isolated recurrence of pancreatic cancer six year after distal pancreatectomy. Re-resection was attempted but the lesion was deemed unresectable at surgery. Then chemotherapy was administrated without(More)
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