Luca Mazzarella

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Runx proteins are essential for hematopoiesis and play an important role in T cell development by regulating key target genes, such as CD4 and CD8 as well as lymphokine genes, during the specialization of naive CD4 T cells into distinct T helper subsets. In regulatory T (T reg) cells, the signature transcription factor Foxp3 interacts with and modulates the(More)
—This paper extends the consensus framework, widely studied in the literature on distributed computing and control algorithms, to networks of quantum systems. We define consensus situations on the basis of invariance and symmetry properties, finding four different generalizations of classical consensus states. This new viewpoint can be directly used to(More)
— This paper extends the gossip algorithm, widely studied in the literature on distributed computing and control algorithms, to networks of quantum systems. In doing so, we reinterpret the classical algorithm and the average consensus task as a symmetrization problem with respect to the action of the permutation group. This allows us to extend in a natural(More)
The spontaneous cleavage reaction of the tetra-peptide Piv-Gly Asn-Sar-Gly-NHtBu to the C-terminal dipeptide and N-terminal succinimide dipeptide proceeds through pre-equilibrium deprotonation of the amide group of the asparagine side chain, followed by intramolecular nucleophilic attack of nitrogen on the peptide carbonyl carbonyl carbon atom. General(More)
A key challenge in the analysis of cancer genomes is the identification of driver genes from the vast number of mutations present in a cohort of patients. DOTS-Finder is a new tool that allows the detection of driver genes through the sequential application of functional and frequentist approaches, and is specifically tailored to the analysis of few tumor(More)
This work interprets and generalizes consensus-type algorithms as switching dynamics leading to symmetrization of some vector variables with respect to the actions of a finite group. We show how the symmetrization framework we develop covers applications as diverse as consensus on probability distributions (either classical or quantum), uniform random state(More)
The association between obesity and/or metabolic syndrome and an elevated mortality from cancer has been confirmed by an astonishing number of studies across nations and ethnicities, such that obesity is now recognised to be among the most prominent cancer risk factors worldwide. Despite this overwhelming evidence and the societal impact of obesity, we know(More)
The 57th American Society of Haematology (ASH) meeting held in Orlando, FL was certainly the year when myeloma management changed for good, with a plethora of newly Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved drugs showing impressive outcome improvements and the introduction of new techniques for disease monitoring. Also, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T(More)
At the 19th conference of the European Haematology Association in Milan, we saw the true and dramatic changes brought about by the integration of extensive genomic information in clinical practice, and the dilemmas that accompany such a rapid increase in knowledge. Each disease is sliced more and more into smaller pieces, each with its own better-determined(More)
The 55th annual ASH meeting was held in pleasant New Orleans and was the largest in its history, with 22,495 participants coming from 113 nations. A 'bench-to-bedside and back' attitude characterises haematology probably more than any other discipline in medicine and, as usual, this was reflected in the extremely wide breadth of the topics covered,(More)