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Hirsutism is a common disorder affecting between 5 and 15% of the population. One of the most devastating consequences of hirsutism is the presence of unwanted facial hair. Treatment of hirsutism involves a two-pronged approach: treating the underlying cause and reduction of visible hair. Laser hair removal is one of the most effective options for reducing(More)
Regular collections were obtained in the Natural Reserve of the Insugherata of Rome during 2011 in order to obtain the tick species composition and the respective seasonal dynamics of the area. A total of 325 ticks was collected in selected sites by means of drag sampling. Among the identified species, Rhipicephalus turanicus was the most abundant (72.3%),(More)
INTRODUCTION Limited information is available about the presence of tick-borne pathogens in urban parks in Italy. To fill this gap, ticks were collected in a public park in Rome over a 1-year period and screened by molecular methods for tick-borne pathogens. RESULTS AND CONCLUSION The most abundant tick species were Rhipicephalus turanicus and Ixodes(More)
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