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RNA polymerase II transcribes the physical ends of linear eukaryotic chromosomes into a variety of long non-coding RNA molecules including telomeric repeat-containing RNA (TERRA). Since TERRA discovery, advances have been made in the characterization of TERRA biogenesis and regulation; on the contrary its associated functions remain elusive. Most of the(More)
We study asymptotic behavior in a class of non-autonomous second order parabolic equations with time periodic unbounded coefficients in R × R d. Our results generalize and improve asymptotic behavior results for Markov semigroups having an invariant measure. We also study spectral properties of the realization of the parabolic operator u → A(t)u − ut in(More)
—Over the past few years, the reconstruction of missing data due to the presence of clouds received an important attention. Applying region-based inpainting strategies or conventional regression methods, such as support vector (SV) machine regression , may not be the optimal way. In this letter, we propose new combinations of kernel functions with which we(More)