Luca Lo Cicero

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Citrus fruit are natural source of several phytochemicals useful in the maintenance of a satisfactory status of the human health. As citric acid is one of the main determinant of citrus fruit quality, researches focusing the elucidation of citrate metabolism have been constantly carried out, often leading to a deeper understanding of the biochemical and(More)
The use of plants to reclaim contaminated soils and groundwater, known as phytoremediation, is a promising biotechnological strategy which has gained a lot of attention in the last few years. Plants have evolved sophisticated detoxification systems against the toxin chemicals: following the uptake, the compounds are activated so that certain functional(More)
Glutathione transferases (GSTs) mainly catalyze the nucleophilic addition of glutathione to a large variety of hydrophobic molecules participating to the vacuole compartmentalization of many toxic compounds. In this work, the putative tolerance of transgenic tobacco plants over-expressing CsGSTU genes towards the chloroacetanilide herbicide alachlor was(More)
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