Luca Lazzaretto

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AIMS The aim of this consensus paper is to review the available evidence on the association between moderate alcohol use, health and disease and to provide a working document to the scientific and health professional communities. DATA SYNTHESIS In healthy adults and in the elderly, spontaneous consumption of alcoholic beverages within 30 g ethanol/d for(More)
In general, a wireless sensor network consists of a large number of low– cost, static nodes that organize themselves in order to deliver events notification to a sink node in a multi–hop fashion. Typically, nodes are battery driven and are limited in terms of processing, storing and communication capabilities. On the contrary, an autonomous mobile robot is(More)
The role of serum PG I in screening patients with chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric cancer, and in detecting peptic ulcer patients with high relapse risk, was ascertained in 276 subjects. Although not diagnostic per se, PG I was found to be under 20 micrograms/L in patients with chronic atrophic gastritis and in some gastric cancer or partially(More)
A study of potentially benign or malignant ulcer in the stomach was made to assess its role in the differential diagnosis between these two conditions. In the 201 patients observed, no statistically significant differences in frequency in the various sites were noted as regard either benign or malignant lesions. The site of the ulcer cannot be taken as(More)
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