Luca Innocenti

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The paper deals with the performances of the mesophilic anaerobic digestion treatment of sewage sludge from a full scale BNR process without primary settling (nominally 300,000 PE). A relation between the activated sludge observed yields, Y(obs), and the anaerobic digester performance was preliminarily found: for values of Y(obs) of 0.25 kgVSS/kgCOD the(More)
The paper concerns the results of a pilot-scale study of the simulation of the start-up phase of the thermophilic semi-dry anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid wastes. The aim of the study was to aid and shorten the start-up phase of the full-scale plant (500 t/d) in Verona--Ca' del Bue, where the semi-dry anaerobic digestion(More)
The aim of this study is to demonstrate the denitrification potential enhancement determined by the addition of the anaerobic fermentation products from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste in BNR wastewater treatment plants. The denitrification potential rose from 6 to 17 mgNO3-N/l thanks to the good performances showed by the fermentation(More)
A pilot scale mesophilic anaerobic acidogenic fermenter was fed with mixtures of vegetables and fruits shredded by a hammer mill and mixed in a stock tank, in order to produce a liquid phase suitable as RBCOD source in denitrification and EBPR processes. Different operative conditions were studied working with a HRT in the range 1–:12 days. The effluent(More)
The identification of phenomena able to pinpoint quantum interference is attracting large interest. Indeed, a generalization of the Hong-Ou-Mandel effect valid for any number of photons and optical modes would represent an important leap ahead both from a fundamental perspective and for practical applications, such as certification of photonic quantum(More)
A new graphical user interface (GUI) for preprocessing reflectance spectra, built using MATLAB and expressly designed for the ASD FieldSpec® spectroradiometer, was developed to solve problems that generally affect experimental ASD data. The GUI is characterised by an easily readable, graphic visualisation of spectra, from which the absorption band depth(More)
OBJECTIVE during the various periods of the history of the nursing profession, many differing representations of nurses have emerged in the collective imagination. The main purpose of this study, based on a qualitative approach, has been to discover the images of the nurse that patients retain in their minds when receiving care. METHODS 6 sound-recorded(More)
We present the experimental evidence of the generation of coherent and statistically stable two-color free-electron laser radiation obtained by seeding an electron beam double peaked in energy with a laser pulse single spiked in frequency. The radiation presents two neat spectral lines, with time delay, frequency separation, and relative intensity that can(More)
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