Luca Grassetti

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BACKGROUND The aim of this investigation was to systematically review the current literature to provide the best data for indications, outcomes, survival, and complication rates of pedicled propeller perforator flaps for upper body defects. METHODS A comprehensive literature review for articles published from January 1991 to December 2011 was performed(More)
BACKGROUND Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaws (BRONJ) is the most serious complication of bisphosphonates therapy. Despite that several treatment modalities have been described, aggressive surgical treatment approach with wide bone resection and vascularized microsurgical reconstruction are controversial. The aim of this study was to evaluate(More)
BACKGROUND Research has investigated the decrease in human skin sebum after the application of botulinum toxin. Few studies of the mechanism and objective assessments of this phenomenon have been conducted and the correlation between the sebum production and injection dosages or techniques remains unclear. OBJECTIVES We prospectively investigated the(More)
INTRODUCTION The surgical management of dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans has historically been a challenge, particularly in the head and neck and other aesthetic areas. The current priority is to achieve local oncologic control and a good reconstructive outcome. Here, we present our experience using a novel combined approach with a dermal regenerative(More)
Polyurethane-covered breast implants have been used increasingly for cosmetic and revision breast surgery. The incision for insertion should be of minimal length and the placement of these implants in the pocket can be more difficult than that of conventional implants because of the highly adherent textured surface of the polyurethane external layer that(More)
Explosion and gunshot mouth injuries represent a challenging problem with regard to restoring optimal oral function. These wounds exhibit a spectrum of complexity and mostly include extensive soft tissue trauma complicated by burns, foreign bodies, fractures and concomitant traumas. To gain maximal restoration of oral function, the use of reconstructive(More)
PURPOSE Rhinophyma is characterized by slowly progressive tumour-like enlargement of the nasal skin that will not resolve spontaneously. Though its treatment consists of surgical removal of the hyperplastic alterations, in the literature there is not general agreement about the best method. We presented our experience with two different treatment modalities(More)
PURPOSE In this article,we revisited the anatomy of the distal perforator of the descending genicular artery (DGA) and report the clinical application of its perforator propeller flap in the reconstruction of soft tissue defects around the knee. METHODS Forty fresh human lower limbs were dissected to redefine the anatomy of the branches of the DGA and(More)
Although Renaissance artists were skilled in representing normal anatomy, a close look at some paintings reveals anatomical variations in the depiction of the feet of human figures. A systematic review has identified 25 paintings by five artists in which the presumptive medico-artistic diagnosis of congenital or acquired foot deformity seems to be varyingly(More)