Luca Gatti

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This paper describes a methodology for representing clinical practice guidelines and facilitating their introduction into the medical routine. Since this methodology can be exploited in a www environment, it can represent the basis for sharing clinical guidelines both between different institutions and between human and software agents cooperating within a(More)
— This paper presents the preliminary results of VIAC, the VisLab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge, a test of autonomous driving along an unknown route from Italy to China. It took 3 months to run the entire test; all data have been logged, including all data generated by the sensors, vehicle data, and GPS info. This huge amount of information has been(More)
Exploiting the information technology may have a great impact on improving cooperation and interoperability among the different professionals taking part to the process of delivering health care services. New paradigms are therefore being devised considering software systems as autonomous agents able to help professionals in accomplishing their duties. To(More)
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