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The role of 18F‐FDG PET/CT in the metabolic characterization of lung nodules in pediatric patients with bone sarcoma
The principal aim of this study was to identify the lowest nodule diameter and the SUVmax capable of characterizing lung nodules in pediatric patients with bone sarcoma.
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Routine Use of Fluconazole Prophylaxis in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Does Not Select Natively Fluconazole-Resistant Candida Subspecies
Background: We have previously demonstrated efficacy against fungal colonization and infection of fluconazole prophylaxis that was routinely administered since 2001 in our ICU for preterm infantsExpand
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Is thrombocytopenia suggestive of organism‐specific response in neonatal sepsis?
Background:  It is controversial whether thrombocytopenia is suggestive of one (or more) causative agents of neonatal sepsis: a low platelet count has been related in turn to Gram‐positive,Expand
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Switch Therapy in Full-Term Neonates with Presumed or Proven Bacterial Infection
Abstract This case-control study of full-term newborns with presumed or proven bacterial infection compared the efficacy, safety and tolerability of switch antibiotic therapy and traditionalExpand
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A large number of patients affected by acute myeloid leukemia (AML) achieve complete remission following induction chemotherapy based on high-dose aracytin and anthracyclines. However, aExpand
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L’accesso intraosseo: analisi dei bisogni formativi degli infermieri di un dipartimento d’emergenza pediatrico
Introduzione: esistono dubbi sul fatto che il personale infermieristico che lavora in area critica sia realmente pronto all’uso dell’accesso intraosseo (IO). Obiettivo dello studio e comprendereExpand