Luca Galeazzi

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  • J C Maréchal, B Dewandel, S Ahmed, L Galeazzi, F K Zaidi
  • 2010
16 A water budget approach is developed to jointly estimate specific yield and natural 17 recharge in an unconfined aquifer with significant seasonal water table fluctuations. Water 18 table fluctuations are due to distinct seasonality in groundwater recharge. The separation of 19 the hydrologic year into two (or more) extended seasons of recharge (wet(More)
Synaptic junctional areas are not immutable structures, on the contrary, they are remodelled throughout the individual's lifespan as a consequence of environmental stimulations. This adaptive capacity of the synapses is discussed from a morphological standpoint with reference to aging. In old subjects, the number of contacts and the total surface area of(More)
Besides its function as an essential redox cofactor, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) also serves as a consumable substrate for several reactions with broad impact on many cellular processes. NAD homeostasis appears to be tightly controlled, but the mechanism of its regulation is little understood. Here we demonstrate that a previously predicted(More)
  • J C Marechal, S Ahmed B, C Engerrand C, L Galeazzi, F Touchard D
  • 2010
In the absence of available surface water in semi-arid areas, groundwater has become the main water resource for various purposes. In many places in southern India, groundwater even is the only source of drinking water in rural areas. Therefore, quality and quantity aspects of groundwater management constitute acute issues for the well-being of Indian rural(More)
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