Luca Filipozzi

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Intrusion detection systems are quickly becoming a standard requirement in building a network security infrastructure. Although many established techniques and commercial products exist, their effectiveness leaves room for improvement. We propose an intrusion detection system architecture which takes advantage of the mobile agent paradigm to implement a(More)
We present a system for rendering planar rigid-body motion by means of a redundant parallel mechanism. The device design, the control architecture and the passive virtual environment simulation are presented. The system is used to compare various virtual walls and friction models proposed for haptic applications. In addition, the reset-integrator dry(More)
Intrusion Detection and/or Prevention Systems (IDPS) represent an important line of defence against a variety of attacks that can compromise the security and proper functioning of an enterprise information system. Along with the widespread evolution of new emerging services, the quantity and impact of attacks have continuously increased, attackers(More)
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