Luca Diociaiuti

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Biological and clinical observations suggest that initial marked reduction of resistant clones may be critical in any attempt to improve long-term results in advanced neuroblastoma (NB). The aim of this pilot study is to determine short-term toxicity and efficacy of a new therapeutic model based on the simultaneous use of multiple drug chemotherapy and(More)
Neuroblastoma (NB), a childhood radiosensitive tumor, is very aggressive and malignant; in its disseminated form, despite very intensive chemotherapy, prognosis continues to be dismal. Owing to its capacity to concentrate in NB lesions, large doses of 131-I-MIBG, have given very encouraging therapeutic results in patients resistant to conventional therapy(More)
Metastatic neuroblastoma (NB) continues to have a dismal prognosis. NB is a radiosensitive tumor. Owing to its high concentration in the NB lesions, Metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) has the potential for specifically delivering very large radiation doses to the malignant cells. Encouraging results have been reported with [131I]MIBG used alone in patients(More)
To date, no previous studies have described the association between primary nocturnal enuresis and left-handedness. In our series of enuretic patients, the prevalence of left-handedness was significantly higher than the control group. These data suggest a new correlation which needs further investigation.
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