Luca Denaro

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OBJECTIVES The principle underlying this project is that, despite nervous reorganization following upper limb amputation, original pathways and CNS relays partially maintain their function and can be exploited for interfacing prostheses. Aim of this study is to evaluate a novel peripheral intraneural multielectrode for multi-movement prosthesis control and(More)
Anticonvulsant therapy is usually recommended before surgery in all patients affected by high grade glioma who are planned to be treated with Carmustine 1,3-bis [2 chloroetyl]-1-nitrosurea, or BCNU) wafers. In fact, phase III studies have reported a risk of seizures higher than 30% in this group of patients. The aim of the study was the evaluation of rate(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the risk factors of worst outcome associated with moderate head injury. METHODS Data on patients with moderate head injury were collected prospectively in 11 Italian neurosurgical units over a period of 18 months. Patients older than 18 years with blunt head injury and at least one Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) score between 9 and 13 were(More)
Although validated tools (neuropsychological tests, patient reported outcomes, mood and psychological profile) were first introduced many years ago in clinical practice, the impact of the tumor itself on patient cognition has not been extensively studied. Furthermore, while outcome research is evolving in an attempt to adapt the use of different tools to(More)
Intramedullary spinal cord schwannomas are rare benign tumors for which resection is possible and safe. The purpose of this paper is to present the magnetic resonance (MR) imaging features in two cases of intramedullary spinal cord schwannoma to assist both neurosurgeons and pathologists in preventing misdiagnosis and resultant partial resection. The MR(More)
Astroglial conditioned media (ACM) influence the development and maturation of cultured nerve cells and modulate neuron-glia interaction. To clarify mechanisms of astroglial cell proliferation/differentiation in culture, incorporation of [methyl-3H]-thymidine or [5,6-3H]-uridine in cultured astrocytes was assessed. Cultures were pre-treated with epidermal(More)
Epidermal growth factor (EGF), basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF), insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and insulin (INS) are powerful mitogens and may regulate gene expression in cultured astrocytes by ADP-ribosylation process. Nuclear poly-ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) and mitochondrial monoADP-ribosyltransferase (ADPRT) are the key enzymes involved in(More)
PURPOSE Carmustine (1,3-bis[2-chloroetyl]-1-nitrosurea (BCNU)) wafers are approved for the local treatment of newly diagnosed and recurrent malignant glioma. Reassuring data on both safety and efficacy of treatment have been previously reported by phase III studies. Although most of related adverse events are reported in the first few months after surgery,(More)
Progress is described in using information, obtained by processing nerve cell signals in bundles of muscle fibers, as a means to model hand movements and to control prosthetic devices. ABSTRACT | The possibility of controlling dexterous hand prostheses by using a direct connection with the nervous system is particularly interesting for the significant(More)
BACKGROUND Cervical degenerative pathology produces pain and disability, and if conservative treatment fails, surgery is indicated. The aim of this study was to determined whether anterior decompression and interbody fusion according to Cloward is effective for treating segmental cervical degenerative pathology and whether the results are durable after a(More)