Luca D'Auria

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A mockup of an experimental 3-D holographic read-write memory is described. The storage technique uses superimposed holographic pages in a thick photosensitive medium. Access to any page is obtained by reference beam rotation about each selected page. The experimental arrangement consists of a partially filled memory plane. The thick erasable storage medium(More)
Stress inversion of seismological datasets became an essential tool to retrieve the stress field of active tectonics and volcanic areas. In particular, in volcanic areas, it is able to put constrains on volcano-tectonics and in general in a better understanding of the volcano dynamics. During the last decades, a wide range of stress inversion techniques has(More)
This study presents a neural-based algorithm for the automatic detection of landslides on Stromboli volcano (Italy). It has been shown that landslides are an important short-term precursor of effusive eruptions of Stromboli. In particular, an increase in the occurrence rate of landslides was observed a few hours before the beginning of the February 2007(More)
Abrupt transitions in style and intensity are common during volcanic eruptions, with an immediate impact on the surrounding territory and its population. Defining the factors trigger such sudden shifts in the eruptive behavior as well as developing methods to predict such changes during volcanic crises are crucial goals in volcanology. In our research, the(More)
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