Luca Cristoforetti

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The analysis of lectures and meetings inside smart rooms has recently attracted much interest in the literature, being the focus of international projects and technology evaluations. A key enabler for progress in this area is the availability of Ambrish Tyagi has contributed to this work during two summer internships with the IBM T. appropriate multimodal(More)
This paper describes a multichannel acoustic data collection recorded under the European DICIT project, during the Wizard of Oz (WOZ) experiments carried out at FAU and FBK-irst laboratories. The scenario is a distant-talking interface for interactive control of a TV. The experiments involve the acquisition of multichannel data for signal processing(More)
This work describes an activity that led to the realization of a modified NIST Microphone Array MarkIII. This system is able to acquire 64 synchronous audio signals at 44.1 kHz and is primarily conceived for far-field automatic speech recognition, speaker localization and in general for hands-free voice message acquisition and enhancement. Preliminary(More)
This paper describes some activities being conducted at IRST with the aim of developing a technology for hands-free speech recognition in car environment. This technology is based on Hidden Markov Models and is being developed and evaluated by using the car database collected in the European projects SpeechDatCar and VODIS-II. Preliminary experiments are(More)
This paper describes the activity of annotation of an Italian corpus of in-car speech material, with specific reference to the JavaSgram tool, developed with the purpose of annotating multichannel speech corpora. Some pre/post processing tools used with JavaSgram are briefly described together with a synthetic description of the annotation criteria which(More)