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Early detection and adaptive support to changing individual needs related to ageing is an important challenge in today’s society. In this paper we present a system called GiraffPlus that aims at addressing such a challenge and is developed in an on-going European project. The system consists of a network of home sensors that can be automatically configured(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy of partial unweighting in improving gait in a patient with cerebral palsy. PATIENT One medically stable 17-year-old female, classified as having spasticity. METHODS AND MATERIALS Heart rate, blood pressure, and perceived exertion were recorded across increments in treadmill gait speed as a function of nonsupported and(More)
In Ambient Assisted Living research and development, a significant effort has been dedicated to issues like gathering continuous information at home, standardizing formats in order to create environments more easily, extracting further information from raw data using different techniques to reconstruct context. An aspect relatively less developed but also(More)
FlowOpt is a collection of modules built on top of enterprise performance optimization system MAK€ with the goal to bring unique modeling, optimizing, and visualizing capabilities for production workflows. FlowOpt is based on the concept of nested temporal network with alternatives used to formally describe alternative processes in workflows. The system(More)
This short paper introduces a novel use of timeline-based planning as the core element of a dynamic training environment for crisis managers called PANDORA. A trainer is provided with a combination of planning and execution functions that allow him/her to maintain and adapt a “lesson plan” as the basis for the interaction between the trainer and a class of(More)
INTRODUCTION This article describes an enhanced telepresence robot named ROBIN, part of a telecare system derived from the GIRAFFPLUS project for supporting and monitoring older adults at home. ROBIN is integrated in a sensor-rich environment that aims to continuously monitor physical and psychological wellbeing of older persons living alone. The caregivers(More)
This paper shortly introduces features of a software system called PANDORA-BOX. 1 It shows a novel use of timelinebased planning as the core element in a dynamic training environment for crisis managers. A trainer is provided with a combination of planning and execution functionalities that allow him to maintain and adapt a “lesson plan” as the basis for(More)
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) systems should offer services to the users that should be designed, tested, and delivered in real scenarios to gain robustness. This paper explores the issues of creating end-to-end services for older adults and their caregivers deploying an AAL system at home. It describes the work done for designing added value services(More)
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