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In Ambient Assisted Living research and development, a significant effort has been dedicated to issues like gathering continuous information at home, standardizing formats in order to create environments more easily, extracting further information from raw data using different techniques to reconstruct context. An aspect relatively less developed but also(More)
Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) systems should offer services to the users that should be designed, tested, and delivered in real scenarios to gain robustness. This paper explores the issues of creating end-to-end services for older adults and their caregivers deploying an AAL system at home. It describes the work done for designing added value services(More)
This paper shortly introduces features of a software system called PANDORA-BOX. 1 It shows a novel use of timeline-based planning as the core element in a dynamic training environment for crisis managers. A trainer is provided with a combination of planning and execution functionalities that allow him to maintain and adapt a " lesson plan " as the basis for(More)
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