Luca Cicalese

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BACKGROUND Tivantinib (ARQ 197), a selective oral inhibitor of MET, has shown promising antitumour activity in hepatocellular carcinoma as monotherapy and in combination with sorafenib. We aimed to assess efficacy and safety of tivantinib for second-line treatment of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma. METHODS In this completed, multicentre, randomised,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Although hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a common cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer, efforts to understand the pathogenesis of HCV infection have been limited by the low abundance of viral proteins expressed within the liver, which hinders the detection of infected cells in situ. This study evaluated the ability of advanced optical imaging(More)
Large numbers of human hepatocytes were obtained from split and whole livers by using an adaptive form of the collagenase perfusion technique employed in rodent and human biopsies. In order to guarantee a homogenous distribution of the perfusate within the whole specimen, major hepatic veins were cannulated with large bore catheters. This technique allowed(More)
The susceptibility to sepsis in obstructive jaundice may be related to bacterial translocation (BT) from the gastrointestinal tract. We evaluated BT to visceral organs and morphological changes of the intestinal mucosa in a rat model of obstructive jaundice. Animals were randomly divided into two groups: in group A the common bile duct was tied and divided,(More)
BACKGROUND Minimally invasive laparoscopic nephrectomy is a well-established alternative to open surgery in living donors for kidney transplantation. Donor mortality and morbidity rates as well as recipient outcome are comparable to the open approach. Furthermore, the procedure is associated with reduced donor discomfort, faster recovery, and improved(More)
UNLABELLED Islet transplantation offers a potential cure for type I diabetes, although its success has been limited, due to loss of cells by apoptosis stimulated by the procurement, ischemia, and the isolation process itself. RNA interference (RNAi) as mediated by short interfering RNAs (siRNAs) has become a potent tool to manipulate gene expression in(More)
OBJECTIVES RNA interference as mediated by short-interfering RNA (siRNA) offers a nonviral means to silence genes in tissue; however, few data exist about gene therapy using siRNA in pancreas tissue. To determine if siRNA treatment could silence an endogenous gene in pancreatic islets, we developed a murine model using the endocrine pancreas. METHODS The(More)
Experimental evidence suggests that the protein phosphatase calcineurin mediates the action of amyloid-β (Aβ) oligomers, the most toxic amyloid species thought to drive initial cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, there is currently no evidence that inhibition of calcineurin could prevent the onset of AD in humans. Here, we report for the(More)