Luca Chiantini

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the family Vd,δ of plane irreducible curves of degree d having exactly δ nodes and no other singularities is non empty and everywhere smooth of codimension δ in the linear system |O(d)|. If C ∈ Vd,δ Severi uses the non speciality of the normal line bundle to the composition ν : C̃ → C → P, where C̃ is the normalization of C, to prove that Vd,δ is smooth of(More)
For an irreducible projective variety X, we study the family of h-planes contained in the secant variety Seck(X), for 0 < h < k. These families have an expected dimension and we study varieties for which the expected dimension is not attained; for these varieties, making general consecutive projections to lower dimensional spaces, we do not get the expected(More)