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The XML documents that represent legal resources contain information and legal knowledge that belong to many distinct conceptual layers. This paper shows how the Akoma Ntoso standard keeps these layers well separated while providing ontological structures on top of them. Additionally, this paper illustrates how Akoma Ntoso allows multiple interpretations ,(More)
This paper presents a Web editor (RAWE: Rules Advanced Web Editor) for marking up legal rules starting from legally binding texts. The Web editor exploits the legal information embedded in the Akoma Ntoso markup, in combination with and XML techniques, so as to help the legal-knowledge engineer model legal rules and convert them into LegalRuleML, an OASIS(More)
This paper presents a legal metadata interchange framework for adding semantics on top of the CEN Metalex standard. Indeed for exploiting its potentialities CEN Metalex needs to be enriched with a legal document ontology and moreover to an intermediate layer called LMIF for managing in automatic way the mapping between different local metadata on the(More)
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