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The Orthogonal Subspace Projection (OSP) algorithm is substantially a kind of matched filter that requires the evaluation of a prototype for each class to be detected. The kernel OSP (KOSP) has recently demonstrated improved results for target detection in hyperspectral images. The use of the kernel method makes the method non-linear, helps to combat the(More)
We present an experimental study on the effects of pansharp-ening on target detection from multispectral and panchro-matic images acquired by very-high resolution satellite sensors. Original and spatially-enhanced image data are used to detect relatively small targets (vehicles on an airport scenario) characterized by a sufficiently well-defined spectral(More)
1. ABSTRACT Pan-sharpened Multispectral (MS) image is a fusion product in which the MS bands are sharpened via the higher-resolution panchromatic (PAN) image. In fact, the latter is acquired with the maximum resolution allowed by the imaging sensor, as well as by the datalink throughput, while the former are acquired with coarser resolutions, typically, two(More)
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