Luca Cabibbo

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Multidimensional databases are large collections of data, often historical, used for sophisticated analysis oriented to decision making. This activity is supported by an emerging category of software technology, called On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP). In spite of a lot of commercial tools already available, a fundamental study for OLAP systems is still(More)
We study, in the context of object/relational mapping tools, the problem of describing mappings between inheritance hierarchies and relational schemas. To this end, we introduce a novel mapping model, called MORM+HIE , and investigate its mapping capabilities. We first show that MORM+HIE subsumes three well-know basic representation strategies for mapping a(More)
In the context of object databases, we study the application of an update method to a collection of receivers rather than to a single one. The obvious strategy of applying the update to the receivers one after the other, in some arbitrary order, brings up the problem of order independence. On a very general level, we investigate how update behavior can be(More)
We report on the design of a novel architecture for data warehousing based on the introduction of an explicit “logical” layer to the traditional data warehousing framework. This layer serves to guarantee a complete independence of OLAP applications from the physical storage structure of the data warehouse and thus allows users and applications to manipulate(More)
In this paper we present a new approach for studying aggregations in the context of database query languages. Starting from a broad de nition of aggregate function, we address our investigation from two di erent perspectives. We rst propose a declarative notion of uniform aggregate function that refers to a family of scalar functions uniformly constructed(More)